Compete in the tech giants’ world using their playbook.

"The Tech Giants are far from perfect, but Always Day One reveals the inventive elements of their culture that entrepreneurs can and should learn from."

— Mark Cuban, Serial entrepreneur, investor, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

At Amazon, "Day One" is code for inventing like a startup, with little regard for legacy. Day Two, in Jeff Bezos's own words, is "stasis, followed by irrelevance, followed by excruciating, painful decline, followed by death."

Amazon and fellow tech titans Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have stayed on top by operating in Day One: Instead of hunkering down and protecting core advantages, they reinvent constantly. Living in Day One keeps them ahead of smaller, typically-nimbler competitors seeking to take them out.

Through 130 interviews with insiders from Mark Zuckerberg to hourly workers, award-winning BuzzFeed News journalist Alex Kantrowitz reveals the culture, technology and processes the tech giants have developed to sustain success in a business world where no advantage is safe.

It might sound radical, but those who don't act like it's always day one do so at their own peril. Kantrowitz uncovers the engine propelling the tech giants' continued dominance at a stage when most big companies begin to decline. And he shows the way forward for everyone who wants to compete with — and beat — the titans.


Praise for Always Day One


“Always Day One is the gangster read that provides an inside look at the culture that has allowed the tech titans to perform infanticide on their competition. Alex Kantrowitz is both thorough and critical while reminding us to remain optimistic about our future living alongside big tech.”

— Scott Galloway, bestselling author of The Four


“This book is a must-read for anyone trying to understand how successful companies operate in the age of the tech giants, and anyone hoping to explore the secrets behind those giants’ dominance. It is a delightful romp through Silicon Valley and beyond.”

— Charles Duhigg, author of bestsellers The Power of Habit and Smarter Faster Better

"Not your traditional leadership book, Always Day One takes you deep inside the tech giants, revealing the inner workings of the world's most innovative companies."

— Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable


“The world's most successful technology companies have secrets behind why they've thrived. Those secrets are the reason why they are, in equal parts, inspiring and infuriating. Read Always Day One to learn some of the most important.”

— Roy Bahat, venture capitalist at Bloomberg Beta